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Women's Health Research Team

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Featured Educational Talks

  • What is Sexual Misconduct?

    Participants will learn that sexual misconduct is an umbrella term used to summarize a multitude of unacceptable behaviors of a sexual nature, to include sexual assault/violence.  Read More on Our Complete List

  • Why Think About Birth Control Every Day? You Have Options: A Contraceptive Choice Campaign on Campus

    Your birth control might not be working as hard as you! Experts recommend the intrauterine device (IUD) and the implant as first-line contraceptive options for all women and adolescents because they are safe, easy, and the most effective methods of birth control.  Read More on Our Complete List

  • Alcohol, Drugs and College Students

    Participants will learn about alcohol trends on college campuses as well as strategies for reducing risk of harm related to alcohol. Relationships between alcohol and brain develop-ment, cognition and wellness will also be included.  Read More on Our Complete List

  • Healthy Living

    A fast moving class that covers weight, exercise, eating, conflict resolution, relation-ships, and smart decisions about alcohol.  Professors can suggest additional topics to be included like marijuana use, eating disorders, suicide, tobacco use and more.  Read More on Our Complete List

Featured Trainings/Discussions

  • How to Save a Life: Suicide Prevention

    Students will learn about suicide as a public health concern, how to recognize risk factors, and will experience skills based practice on asking about suicide and doing an appropriate referral to The Counseling Center.  Read More on Our Complete List

  • Introduction to Koru Mindfulness

    This class will introduce Koru Mindfulness to students.  This class will be a mix of education about mindfulness meditation and experience with mindfulness.  Read More on Our Complete List