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Resources for Emotional Well Being

Consider donating to our Lynn L. Moody Fund for Mental Health & Suicide prevention.

The Lynn L Moody Fund goal is help The Office of Student Wellness & Well-being conduct outreach, provide programming, and develop and sustain a training and certification program to educate members of the College of Charleston Community. 

Stress Reducing Skills Series:


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Do Not Cancel that Class!

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Educational Talks


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What is our Do Not Cancel that Class Program?

We encourage professors and staff do allow us to come into your class and provide an educational talk, training or discussion of interest to the emerging adult population.  We say "do not cancel that class" because we are comfortable providing the talk when the professor can not be present. 

ASK us to provide a

  • Educational Talk
  • Training
  • Discussion

Don't have a class?

No problem!

You can still contact us to come and talk.    

We provide talks to

  • Departments
  • Clubs
  • Organizations

Review the talks, trainings and discussion suggestions here.

How to arrange a presentation

  • Read through the suggested topics and fill out the Do Not Cancel that Class form approximately 2 weeks before the date of the class.
    • If you want a specific topic that meets the needs of your class we can design a presentation for you on a mental health or health related topic.
  • Have a last minute presentation?
    • email Rachael McNamara at
    • She does everything she can to cover the class for the professor

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Our Location: Health Education is located within The Counseling Center,
               The Robert Scott Small Building (RSS), 175 Calhoun Street, 2nd Floor. 
               Building 23 on our Campus Map
               Enter Robert Scott Small Building from Cougar Mall across from Maybank Hall.

Suicide Prevention: We offer suicide prevention training year round to encourage our students to help take care of each other and promote positive well being.

Our Health Education Staff:   

rachael-head-shot.jpg   Rachael McNamara, MA, Health Educator


 Rachael McNamara, M.A. on the cover the the Portico Magazine                                          

 Rachael McNamara, M.A. Counseling's Health Educator is featured in the
 Spring 2013 Portico, the employee newsletter of the College of Charleston.
 Read Rachael's interesting story

For questions about illness, immunizations, or other medical topic please visit the Student Health Services webpage.