Resources for Emotional Well Being

Nourish to Flourish

We are excited to announce our new campaign, Nourish to Flourish!

Over the rest of the Spring 2021 semester, we will be providing practical ways to feel better and flourish.

Keep checking back to see new practical, useful information on things you can do to flourish during these times.

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Spring 2021 is all, but complete.

Just one major task ahead, Finals!

Nourish to Flourish Finals Guide
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A Student's Guide to Purposeful Use of Time

A Students Guide to Purposeful Time

Brain-Healthy Foods

brain healthy foods

Pandemic Fatigue


Pandemic Fatigue is the name that many news reports use to describe what we are all feeling now.  Learn more about Pandemic Fatigue and some ways to combat it in this new guide.  Don't forget to answer a few questions for us before and after the guide.

Substance Use and the Pandemic


Substance Use and the Pandemic

Learn more about how the Pandemic has affected the use of alcohol and marijuana.  Use this guide to thinking constructively about how the pandemic restrictions on social activities have affected the amount, frequency, and reasons for use.  Consider the different practical approaches to plan different activities to better match your health and wellness goals. 

A Guide to Better Sleep

A guide to better sleep

A Guide to Better Sleep

Our 1st guide!

A Guide to Feeling Better

A Guide to Feeling Better 

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A Guide to Feeling Better: Behavioral Activation


Interested in seeing more pandemic specific guides on Protecting Your Mental Health and Handling Disappointments?  Just click the link below.  

Pandemic Specific Mental Health and Health Information


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8 Dimensions of Wellness

Click on the image below and check out the recorded interactive presentation on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and take an assessment to determine your areas of strengths and areas to develop.

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Creating Self Affirmations



Post Election Guide


Need some strategies to handle the uncertainty and other outcomes related to the 2020 election.  Check out our guide

Election Stress Guide
Election Stress Kit

Struggling or know someone who is struggling with thoughts and feelings over this election season.  Check out our Election Stress Guide