Treatment Groups, Support Groups and Series

What are groups?

Group counseling is a unique relationship in which a group of people who are likely experiencing similar difficulties come together to both give and receive help from one another. The Counseling Center attempts to create a supportive environment for each member’s personal growth.

We offer both treatment and support groups.  We also offer series that usually focus on building skills for continued mental wellbeing.

Treatment Groups

In a treatment group, the facilitator is directly leading the group, teaching skills, and/or using psychotherapeutic interventions. 

Support Groups

A support group facilitator’s role is to facilitate the evolution of support within the group. Another way to consider this, is that the facilitator may find common denominators within the group’s conversation and highlight these themes, furthering discussions and encouraging interactions. They ensure members have time to speak, are sharing (not advising), and are facilitating safe and supportive conversations.

Mental Wellbeing Series

Our Mental Wellbeing Series are different workshops and trainings that help to teach new strategies and skills to improve our ability to cope with college and life.