Client Rights and Responsibilities

As a client, you have a right to:

Be treated with dignity and respect.

Know the qualifications and professional experience of your therapist.

Informed consent and limits and exceptions to confidentiality (mandatory reporting requirements, life-threatening situations) before beginning treatment.

Privacy and confidentiality of your Counseling Center records (exceptions for life-threatening situations or mandatory reporting requirements)

As questions about anything related to your treatment.

Be given information concerning diagnosis and treatment philosophy and participate in decisions related to your treatment.

Request a different counselor than the one assigned to you or ask for a second opinion.

Terminate treatment at any time (attending a termination session is highly recommended but not mandatory)

As a client, you have a responsibility to:

Take an active role in the counseling process.

Participate fully in your treatment, which includes openly sharing progress and challenges in meeting your goals, following through on agreed-upon goals and strategies established in session, and completing any homework assignments given by counselor

Provide accurate information about past and present physical and psychological problems including hospitalizations, medications and previous treatment.

Keep your scheduled appointments and arrive on time, or cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours in advance. We have many students requesting our services so your reserved time is valuable.

Continue counseling at the Counseling Center if you are being prescribed medication by Dr. Kalil (psychiatrist) or a psychiatry resident, and clearly inform your prescriber of any side effects, complications, benefits, or concerns about medication.