What's The Cost?

A multidisciplinary team working to reduce alcohol and drug use at the College of Charleston created the following flyer series to educate students about consequences, entitled “What’s the Cost?” 

Fake ID pdf of poster

image of the poster What's the cost of a Fake Id?

What's the cost of a fake id? Possessing and using false identification is illegal! Consequences vary by specific offense. Offenses include but are not limited to the following: possessing an altered driver’s license or ID card containing false information; using an altered or invalid driver’s license or personal ID card; using someone else’s license or personal ID card; and lending your license or personal ID card to any other person.

Alcohol Violations pdf of poster

Alcohol Violations Poster

What’s the cost of having a violation for alcohol possession, alcohol use, public intoxication, or possession of a false ID?

Consequences of the first violation may include a written warning, parent notification, and housing probation. The second violation may include sanctions such as disciplinary probation, parent notification, possible move/removal from housing, and an alcohol education program. A third violation could include parent notification, minimum one semester suspension, and attendance of an alcohol treatment program.  Furthermore, discipline files can be requested for seven years. These files can be requested by those considering you for jobs and internships; scholarship eligibility; graduate studies; study abroad programs; hold leadership positions; transfer institutions.

Binge Drinking pdf of poster

Binge Drinking Poster

What’s the cost of binge drinking (i.e. drinking 5 or more alcoholic drinks on the same occasion)?
-Increases risk of stroke
-Lined to fights, accidents and concussions
-Leads to increased blood pressure
-Related to alcohol poisoning and death
-Impairs new learning and memory
-Linked to increased depression, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and attempts
-Linked to delay in recovery from illness
-Increases empty calories causing fat buildup
-Linked to sexual dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases
-Impairs the body’s ability to respond to stress in adulthood

Good Standing pdf of poster

Good Standing Poster

What’s the cost of not being in good standing with CofC due to an Alcohol Violation?

Not being able to be a part of the following: Alternative Break; Cougar Activities Board; LeaderShape; Study Abroad; Dance Marathon Exec.; R.A positions; SGA; Cougar Excursion; Orientation Internships; Sorority and Fraternity leadership positions; and many other opportunities. 

Was the Drink Worth It?  pdf of poster

Was the drink worth it poster

How much could a night out end up costing you?

Imagine you have drinks at a bar and get a ticket for underage drinking and public intoxication! You are going to miss time from work to go to court and have to pay lawyer fees. Think your parents will just pay it? Well, they will attend court with you so consider money for their flight, hotel, and time missed from work too. Then you will have to pay the ticket, attend an alcohol education program, and miss more work for the student conduct meeting and completing your community service hours. So how much is all of that? Around $2,568!