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Military veterans have been called “the least visible minority on campus.” (Click here to read article.) If you have served in the military or are concerned about services for student veterans on our campus, please come share your experiences and insights. We want to ensure that the contributions of our veterans are not going unnoticed. Feel free to bring your lunch to the Wednesday workshop below and join our conversation. All are welcome! Light snacks will be provided.  

Resources for Veterans

  • The College of Charleston’s history of military service dates back to the establishment of our nation and the founding of our institution. In fact, the College’s first president, Bishop Robert Smith, served in the Revolutionary War. (Scholars disagree as to whether Smith served as a foot soldier, a chaplain, as both, or in some other capacity.) Read the history of the college veterans in President Benson's article in the College of Charleston Magazine: Saluting our Campus Veterans

  • Veterans Share Their Stories  



  • Today veterans are students, faculty, staff and children of veterans.
    There is a wide variety of financial aid available to veterans.
    Information is from the Financial Aid Department.











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