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Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disorders (LD) are complex disorders that require labor-intensive assessment procedures.  It is important that you understand a few things before deciding to schedule an Initial Consultation with Dr. Kindra Westercamp, Testing Coordinator.

You must read this information and sign this form - ADHD Questionaire.pdf - before we will schedule an initial consultation appointment for ADHD/LD assessment consideration.

POINT #1:  We use a three-step process that can take 1-6 weeks to complete.

Step 1:  We start with a 45-60 minute Initial Consultation to review history and concerns.  The purpose of this is to help determine whether a more comprehensive assessment of ADHD, LD, and/or other disorders is indicated.  No diagnosis will be rendered at the Initial Consultation. 

Step 2:  If and only if the initial consultation suggests that a Comprehensive Assessment is indicated, we will schedule a 4-8 hour examination (depending on your specific situation) that might require you to miss one or more classes, for which we can document a doctor’s visit.   

Step 3:  A 45-50 minute Feedback Session to review the results of Steps 1 and 2 is scheduled approximately 10 days after we collect all the data from Step 2.  At this Feedback session, you will receive a report indicating our findings and their implications.  

Practically speaking (for illustration purposes):

  1. You visit us on March 1st to inquire about ADHD/LD assessment services.  We’re able to schedule an Initial Consultation for you to occur on March 12th. 
  2. On March 12th, your Initial Consultation suggests that a more comprehensive assessment is indicated.  We’re able provide you an appointment for that to occur on March 21st. 
  3. On the 21st you spend as much as 8 hours with us in our lab, during which time we would conduct IQ testing, tests of memory, writing, concentration, reading, etc. 
  4. Finally, on April 2nd, we sit down and provide feedback and a written report to you. 

POINT #2: Our Initial Consultation is free; comprehensive assessments are not.

Costs range from $400-$720 (about 40% of what identical assessments would cost off-campus).  Fee assistance may be available to students meeting certain financial hardship criteria.

Potential Testing Cost Estimates  pdf

POINT #3:  Our comprehensive assessments often reveal that students do NOT have the ADHD or LD that they suspect or believe they have.  They do often reveal other concerns, such as substance abuse, mood disorders, and personality issues, however.

Additional points of interest…

1. If you are simply seeking someone to continue prescribing medications for ADHD, having been prescribed them elsewhere (e.g. back home), then please consult the local Yellow Pages or other resources to find medical providers in the Charleston area who might be able to provide that service.  We do not provide that service at The Couneling Center. 

2. Consultations to determine Learning Disorder or ADHD cannot be “expedited” in order to help avoid exams, poor grades, or course failures. 

3. All decisions about accommodations, medication prescribing, and other post-diagnostic service decisions will be made by persons other than those in the Psychodiagnostic Assessment service here at The Counseling Center.  We function for diagnosis, recommendations, and referral only. 

4. We reserve the right to refuse to assess any person and to recommend other services or sources of assistance if necessary.

5. We do not file insurance, and we do not provide any documentation to support insurance claims for the services we provide.  Ours is a fee-for-service model only.

6. If you wish to use your health insurance to help defray the cost of an evaluation, you will need to consult with an off-campus provider of psychological/psychoeducational testing services. 

7. Learning Disorder and ADHD assessment services are not always covered by health insurance, or might be denied for any of various reasons according to your insurance carrier’s provisions and policies. 

8. Depending on your health insurance plans provisions and carrier’s policies, you might face a deductible (e.g. $500 per year) for mental health care services when filing claims with a health insurance carrier.  Any such deductible might be separate from general medical/surgical services – consult your carrier’s policy for details.  You might face a co-pay (e.g. 20% of total costs after deductible is met) for mental health services – consult your carrier’s policy for details.

9. Diagnostic Services Referral List (2018)

Due to the highly specialized and labor-intensive nature of ADHD/LD assessment services, The Counseling Center does need to charge for the comprehensive evaluations it provides.  Those evaluations are charged at less than half what an equivalent service would cost in the local community off-campus.  This is because the evaluations are partially underwritten by the departmental budget, in order to help make them more affordable and accessible to College of Charleston students.  Neither the clinic nor its employed providers participate in any third-party payer systems (e.g. insurance or HMO/PPO), and are not recognized as “out-of-network” providers.  As such, we do not provide services at fair market value with private providers, and can not provide any documentation or assistance to aid individuals to seek compensation or reimbursement from third-party payers.  Individuals seeking to utilize their health insurance or any other form of third-party payments for our assessment services will be referred off-campus and will not be provided comprehensive assessments here in our clinic.