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Why a Support Group?

  • Support groups are one way to meet people who are in the same boat you are in.
  • Besides helping you realize that you are not alone, support groups offer you a number of services and benefits. You can:
  • Share your feelings and hear the experiences of others
  • Understand and be understood by others in similar circumstances
  • Learn through the experience of others and through professional resources
  • Discover new ways of dealing with your own symptoms and problems
  • Renew your sense of hope in dealing with changes to your lifestyle
  • Make new friends and to break down feelings of isolation.

For information about scheduled and upcoming groups, please call 843.953.5640 and ask for Elizabeth Dixon.  You can also email her.  Many groups will accept new members at any time throughout the year.

Panic and Calm Choice

Photo by Stuart Miles,


Thursdays at 3:00pm, Robert Scott Small Building, RM 319

Narcotics Anonymous Meeting

Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 pm, Robert Scott Small Building, RM 319

Koru Mindfulness Classes

The course, consisting of 4 classes, is designed to help you learn mindfulness through the practice of specific skills that calm and focus your mind; and through the practice of meditation. If you are feeling pressured and stressed, or just interested in learning a new skill that can enrich your life, these classes are for you!

Beginners and experienced meditators welcome!

Registration Required (link below).  You must be able to attend all 4 classes.

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm, Starting 9/16, Mondays

These classes are student preferred which means that faculty and staff can register, but if the class were to fill up we would have to move faculty and staff for interested students.

Koru Registration

Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group

This support group is to help survivors of sexual assault cope, have support and increase their self-esteem


3-4 pm
1st and 3rd Mondays of each Month
Suite 300, Robert Scott Smalls Building, The Couseling Center

Contact Lauren Sottile,, to join.

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