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 Family Orientation Presentation Successful Transition to College     Successful Transition to College from Family Orientation, 2018. 

See two articles listed below that are referenced in this presentation.

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The staff here at The Counseling Center wants to be partners with you to help ensure the success of your student, both academically and socially/psychologically/physically/spiritually and in any other way we can help them or you.

Thank you for trusting the College of Charleston with the well-being and personal/professional development of your son or daughter!

As a parent you play an enormously important role in their initial and ongoing adjustment here at the college and we are available to you to assist all students achieve their potential, and negotiate through the many challenges they face.  "Despite all the new scientific research, "Inside the Teenage Brain" by PBS suggests that there is a consensus among experts that the most beneficial thing for teenagers is good relationships with their parents."

New Resource! - A Parent Handbook for Talking with College Students About Alcohol.
         Please call The Counseling Center at 843.953.5640 for the User Name and Password to access the Parent Handbook. 
         This resource is only licensed for parents of College of Charleston students.

Do not hesitate to call us with any concern or questions. 843.953.5640
More for parents on Transitioning to College.


It is normal to experience homesickness.  This Fall (2013), 21.8 million students are expected to attend a college or university in the United States. More than half of these same students will indicate a moderate degree of homesickness.  Around 20% will have an extreme reaction to leaving home and most likely the distress will continue until after the the first semester.

Dangers of Alcohol Misuse

Carson died of acute alcohol poisoning following a fraternity initiation. Carson's Story

College of Charleston Fraternity Student Killed in Crash
Dr. Frank Budd speaks about this incident for WCSC-TV Live5News

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Possible Drug Use? Read these warning signs that your son or daughter is abusing drugs.

Where to go locally for urine drug screening

What the College of Charleston does to address substance misuse 



Can you recognize the signs of depression in your student?  Do you know the suicide warning signs? Get more information on suicide prevention.


Mental Health Concerns: 

If you have concerns about a student's mental health, either your son or daughter or someone else who has been brought to your attention, you have the option of filling out an anonymous form that will go to the Dean of Students, who can reach out to this student and assess their well being.

Off-Campus Providers List  August, 2018

Successful Transition to College - What Every Parent Needs to Know 


Parent's Love Matters

"Those teens with closer parental relationships are much less likely than other
teens to engage in smoking and substance abuse. They are less likely to have sex at young ages, to get into fights, or to be suspended from school. And they are at lower risk for thoughts of suicide and suicide attempts. These kids tend to get better grades and express more optimism about going to college. This pattern of results holds when we control for the teen’s sex, family poverty status, and family structure."

Suicide Prevention:

We offer suicide prevention training year round to encourage our students to help take care of each other.