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What is Health Education?

Health Education provides education, awareness and prevention information with regard to public health.The Health Educator, Rachael McNamara, is here to help you with any of your health questions and concerns. 

You can

  • meet personally with the Health Educator for your specific health needs by emailing for an meeting time.
  • schedule a presentation on a particular health topic
  • get information
  • obtain male and female condoms
  • help plan a health event on campus
  • inquire about resources for additional information

Our Location: Health Education is located within the Counseling and Substance Abuse Services Center,
               The Robert Scott Small Building (RSS), 175 Calhoun Street, 2nd Floor. 
               Building 23 on our Campus Map
               Enter Robert Scott Small Building from Cougar Mall across from Maybank Hall.

Suicide Prevention: We offer suicide prevention training year round to encourage our students to help take care of each other and promote positive well being.

Our Health Education Staff:   

Rachael McNamara   Rachael McNamara, MA, Health Educator


 Rachael McNamara, M.A. on the cover the the Portico Magazine                                          

 Rachael McNamara, M.A. Counseling's Health Educator is featured in the
 Spring 2013 Portico, the employee newsletter of the College of Charleston.
 Read Rachael's interesting story

For questions about illness, immunizations, or other medical topic please visit the Student Health Services webpage.

 CASAS is a department within the Division of Student Affairs