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Thank you for trusting the College of Charleston with the well-being and personal/professional development of your son or daughter!  As a parent you play an enormously important role in their initial and ongoing adjustment here at the college.  Your support (emotional and financial) are key to the emotional wellbeing of your son or daughter, and your wisdom, leadership and understanding can never be replaced.  Your student also needs on-going guidance to continue living out the values, priorities, and responsibilities you have instilled in them, as an anchor to the multitude of choices (some good, some not so good) during their time away from home.  Help your student stay safe and on track with their personal/professional development here at the college by staying in touch with them and aware of their choices and the consequences of those choices (some good, some not so good). 

The staff here at The Counseling Center want to be partners with you to help ensure the success of your student, both academically and socially/psychologically/physically/spiritually and in any other way we can help them or you.

Successful Transition to College - What Every Parent Needs to Know.  (pdf)
Dr. Budd's Presentation to Parents at Orientation. 

Excellent information for parents about helping their student adjust to college life can be found at the following websites:

Please call us at any time with any concerns or questions.  If we have not seen your student we can offer guidance and recommendations, including how the Dean of Students 843.953.5522 may be able to assist you.  This includes your concerns about students who are coming here for the first time (freshmen or transfer students), and their adjustment difficulties, and/or pre-existing mental health conditions that need close follow-up and support while they are here, and students who have been here awhile.  You may hear your student in distress, observe troubling emotions or behaviors, or even hear rumors (or receive them from your student's roommates/friends) that alarm you.  

DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL US 843.953.5640.  We will do all we can to ensure their safety and emotional wellbeing.  In emergencies, this may include sharing your concerns with our campus police called Public Safety (843.953.5611) who can do a well person check, or who can call the local police to check on your student, if they live off-campus.  We may also need to share your concerns with our Dean of Students, 843.953.5522, who, along with the Case Manager, can reach out to your son or daughter, in ways we cannot. 

NOTE: if your son or daughter has been seeing a counselor here at The Counseling Center, we are prevented by law to reveal anything about them-even whether or not they are coming here-unless you ask them to sign a Release of Information.  However, we will always listen to you and make sure your concerns are shared with your student's counselor if they are being seen here.  We can also give "general advice about the situation/condition you report" but cannot share any specifics about your student's care here.

Our main Parents page has more important information you can use.


How to get your student tested for alcohol/or other drugs?

Learn more about the Warning Signs of Possible Drug Use
Here is a list of local sites where you can have them take a Urine Drug Screen (UDS) and request them to fax the results to you directly.