Counseling Overview

The college years are an exciting, but sometimes stressful time. Many students encounter problems that are not easy to resolve or their usual ways of handling problems aren't working well for some reason. They may have found, for example, that talking to friends or relatives about their concerns is impossible or unsatisfying.  Some have significant mental health concerns and want to continue counseling started before arriving at college.

Common concerns confronting students include depression, anxiety/stress, low self confidence, relationship difficulties, self-defeating behaviors, academic problems, sexual identity concerns, and decision- making dilemmas. The Counseling Center has the time, skills and willingness to help.  The Counseling Center also offers support through our Cougar Counseling Team who are available M - Th, from 4pm - 9pm thorugh the school year, and no appointment is needed.

Counseling is a chance to talk over what is on your mind with an objective person, trained to understand how best to help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and work with you to establish an effective action plan to move forward. Your counselor can help you learn new skills and ways of looking at situations so that you will be more capable of solving problems on your own.  While individual counseling can help, most students find sharing their experiences with others in our counseling groups even more effective, plus they learn that what they are feeling and thinking can be helpful to others in the group. 

Don't wait till you are at your lowest to come in and talk with a counselor or Peer Counselor.  Emotional stress and mental health issues are often like concrete, the longer you wait to get help the more the concrete solidifies and the harder it is to change your patterns of thoughts and feelings.  However, even if you have been struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance misuse or other issues for years, The Counseling Center and our community partners have the experience and research-proven tools to help you improve.  There is always hope and help available! 

Please visit the Student Health Services webpage if you have any questions regarding illness and other medical concerns.

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