About the Cougar Counseling Team

What is the the Cougar Counseling Team?

The Cougar Counseling Team is a group of highly trained volunteers who provide nationally recognized crisis response techniques in a confidential, non-judgment environment.  CCT team members are not professional counselors and do not provide therapy.


Stephanie Reed, Donna Murray, and Rachael Weil proposed the addition of Peer Counseling to Lindsey Barr, one of the counselors in the Counseling Center in 2006.  After months of extensive research, the program started in 2007.  In 2013, the peer counseling group changed their name to from Peer Counseling to the Cougar Counseling Team (CCT) which better reflected their collaborative nature with each other. 

What kinds of problems can I discuss?

  • Relationships
  • Family problems
  • Changing habits
  • Roommate issues
  • Academic pressures
  • Anything that stresses you out.

At what time is the Cougar Counseling Team available?

4:00pm - 9:00pm Monday through Thursday  

Where is the Cougar Counseling Team located?

3rd Floor of the Robert Scott Small Building, Room 319

How can I find more information?

What if I want help with serious emotional or psychological problems?

  • You can contact The Counseling Center at 843.953.5640. They offer counseling services and referral information.
  • The Charleston Area has an excellent Hotline. Dial 211 or 744.HELP.
  • Emergencies: Call College of Charleston Public Safety at 911.

Is the Cougar Counseling Team confidential?

YES. All information is held in the strictest of confidence.

Are there any costs?

No. Cougar Counseling Team members are volunteers and the service is free to College of Charleston students.

How do I know that I will feel comfortable talking to a CCT team member?

We know that some people have difficulty reaching out for help. Many people find that it is more comfortable to talk to in a relaxed setting.  For safety reasons we have two cougar counseling team members on hand at all times of operation. You can e-mail ahead to make sure we can accommodate your preference for a male or female CCT member.

Who are the the Cougar Counseling Team Members?

CCT is staffed by dedicated College of Charleston sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. All volunteers go throuhh a rigorous application followed by training with Counseling and Substance Abuse services and our local suicide prevention line.