About the Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Counseling Center is to increase student psychological resilience and personal growth to support persistence and success in school. 


Our vision is to launch students on new pathways of personal excellence through compassionate and evidence-based prevention, counseling and substance abuse services. 

This is accomplished primarily through group and individual counseling, training, assessment, consultation, outreach programming, peer counseling, and crisis intervention services.


Compassion – we are sensitive to the pain of our clients and their worth as individuals in all their diversity.

Creativity – we explore all options, in and out of the box, to help our clients be successful with the challenges they are facing and will face.

Collaboration – we work in partnership with our clients to pave a path of successful therapeutic work.

Community – we work with students to help them become better citizens and leaders as they recognize and develop their talents and abilities


Access to counseling is quick and easy.  Just call 843.953.5640 and the receptionist with help you get an appointment appropriate to your need.  *If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, state that, and you will be seen immediately - just come in.* 

If you would like to discuss something and are distressed, but not at risk to harm yourself you will be scheduled to see a counselor the same day during an Initial Assessment.   If no appointments are available the day you call, you will be informed of the next available appointment, and/or encouraged to come in and speak with one of our Cougar Counseling Team members, available 4pm - 9pm, Monday - Thursday, during the school year. 

  • NEW / Initial Assessment students MUST come 30 minutes BEFORE their appointment to complete essential paperwork. Students who are late will be rescheduled to allow the student and their counselor adequate time to meet and discuss concerns.
  • NOTE: there is now a $25 late fee charged for all appointments not cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time. Payment is expected at the time of the rescheduled appointment, and if not paid a hold will be placed on your registration with the Registrar's Office.

At all follow-up appointments you will first complete a brief assessment form so you and your counselor can see and track your progress. Then you will meet with your counselor to discuss your concerns, progress made, new skills you practiced, and what are the next steps to helping you continue moving forward.


If you feel your situation is an emergency, meaning you are an immediate risk to harm yourself or someone else,
please indicate this to the receptionist and you will be able to meet with a counselor immediately.

For after-hours emergencies, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
If you continue to have thoughts of harming yourself or others, or are having significantly distressing depression or anxiety (ex. panic attacks) you are strongly encouraged to go to the nearest emergency room (or call 911) to ensure your safety and rule out any medical complication to your emotional distress.