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Client Responsibilities

When seen for services at The Counseling Center, students/clients have the following responsibilities:

  1. NEW/Initial Assessment students MUST come 30 minutes BEFORE their appointment to complete essential paperwork.Students who are late will be rescheduled to allow the student and their counselor adequate time to meet and discuss concerns.
  2. Provide accurate information on complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and psychological treatment.
  3. Communicate honestly with your counselor about how helpful the relationship, communication and/or guidance is to you.
  4. Tell us if you don’t understand instructions and/or information.
  5. Keep appointments.
  6. Call to reschedule or cancel appointments at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. If you do not, a charge of $25 will be assessed and a hold will be placed on your registration with the Registrar's office until you have paid your bill (cash, check or credit card).
  7. Refrain from verbal abuse and/or physical assault of any staff member or student in CASAS.
  8. Follow treatment plan and if you disagree with recommendations, tell your counselor what you will or will not do. 
  9. Clearly state refusal of treatment, and/or request for referral off-campus.
  10. Follow The Counseling Center’s applicable guidelines.
  11. Consider the rights of other patient/clients and staff, especiallly confidentiality (not telling others who you saw in the waiting room).
  12. Respect other’s property.
  13. Refrain from smoking while in the facility.
  14. Refrain from cell phone use while in the facility.
  15. Continue in counseling if on medication treatment by Dr. Kalil, psychiatrist.
  16. Clearly inform Dr. Kalil of any side effects, complications, benefits or concerns with your medication.